Over one hundred years ago The “Irish Raperees” of Galbally where affiliated with the Gaelic Athletic Association for the first time on 30 April 1905. The club was nameded after the famous Shane Bernagh who carved his mark in the local area in the 17th century.

As in the case of many Gaelic football clubs in Tyrone at this time, this club did not survive for long and by 1907 the Irish Rapperees were no longer in existence. Some ten years later The Galbally Mc Dermott’s were established. However, few details of the club are known and therefore it seems this was but a temporary flirtation with the Gaelic Athletic Association

The Galbally St. Joseph’s were affiliated in February, 1931 and lasted until 1943. Despite their short existence, the St. Joseph’s appeared in three East Tyrone Junior Championship Finals but with no success, playing Moortown in 1934, Pomeroy in 1935 and Washinbay in 1942.

In 1937 Galbally GAA Hall opened and remained a centre point for the club and parish activities until the current Galbally Community Centre was built in 1995. The hall had been used for a wide variety of cultural and community events over the years hosting, Talent Contests, Celi Dancing Classes, County Feis Competitions, Traditional Irish Dancing and Music Lessons.

The Present Galbally Pearses’ club was affiliated in August 1949 with the now defunct East Tyrone Board. It wasn’t very long before honours began to flow the way of the club when in 1954 the Pearses’ collected their first silverware winning the East Tyrone Junior League. Further success continued with the minors winning the Clarke cup in the mid fifties and the seniors winning the Tyrone Junior Championship in 1958, beating Creggan in the Final.

The sixties proved an important turning point for the history of Gaelic football in Galbally with its current grounds of today officially opening in 1961 and a lease being vested in the Gaelic Athletic Association. In 1962 the Pearses’ club won the Feis Shield and after having an unbeaten run in the Intermediate league were promoted to the Senior Ranks of Tyrone Gaelic Football. It didn’t take very long for the Pearses’ to make their mark on the senior sides as in 1963 Galbally won a place in their first ever Tyrone Senior Football Championship Final against Omagh St. Enda’s. Played on September 1 Omagh St Enda’s wealth of experience proved decisive and the Pearse’s were defeated by 2 gaols and 10 points for Omagh, 5 points for Galbally.

Between the late sixties and the late eighties the club was had some dull days though in 1977 the Pearse’s won the Division 5B League while in 1986 the seniors were defeated in the Junior Championship though gained promotion through the league. The club opened its first spectator stand in 1989.

The nineties got of to a good start with the reserves winning the Intermediate Championship in 1990 while in 1991 the seniors won the Intermediate League. In 1993 our Minors Won Grade 3 Championship beating Killeeshil in the final while in 1997 our Under 14s won the grade 2 League and Championship double. In the same year our seniors reached their second ever Tyrone Senior County Championship Final this time losing to Errigal Ciaran. In 1999 Galbally Pearses’ celebrated their golden Jubilee and opened their new floodlit training pitch.

In the Millennium year Galbally Pearses’ officially opened their new playing pitch and extension to the spectator stand. In 2001 the seniors won the Jim Devlin Cup while in 2003 the minors won the Grade 2 Championship beating Stewartstown.

In 2005 the club helped celebrate the 100th anniversary of Gaelic Games and Culture in the Galbally Area. In 2006 the seniors won the Division 1B League.